Utilitarian tiles no more

DSCN3949Last week was spent meeting contractors, getting estimates and buying materials. Warren (Egan’s dad) who has been an immense help was in for the ride. We started with meeting the bathroom contractor. The good news was that what we thought was a broken pipe was just a badly designed corner, which gathered water, which in turn had seeped into one of the bedroom walls. We decided to take out the bathtub,  replace the tiles, and out a new sink in. I feel both sad and happy to say good bye to the communist tiles from my childhood. I used to imagine so many scenes in the complicated contour design of the tiles. I don’t have the same sentiments about the beige bathtub. Good riddance. Our contractor, Ivo took us to look at tiles at a warehouse outside of Sofia. We drove by the roma neighbourhood, saw a few donkeys and got to a fairly large warehouse. The selection of tiles was straight of out 1980’s Dynasty. Heavy gold trims, marble, every colour imaginable. I was looking for simple white “subway” tiles, which was the only kind not available. “Simple” just was not in the selection of this store. Finally the salesmen pulled out a sample of the most incredible simple white and a set of black subway tiles, bevelled edges, just what we were looking for. Unfortunately he said, they are not in production, as they were produced 30 years ago during Communism and nobody wants them anymore. Simple and utilitarian doesn’t seem what people are looking for these days after years of the same Communist design. We settled on simple grey large slabs for the floor and off white for the walls. We then proceeded to go look at flooring, which I will save for the next post as I need to meet the tile contractor who is coming to demolish the bathroom. Wish us luck!

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